Journal Articles

Vaccari, C. and Chadwick, A. (in progress). ‘Deepfakes and Disinformation: Exploring the Impact of Synthetic Political Video on Citizens’ Confusion and Trust in News.’

Chadwick, A., Vaccari, C. and O'Loughlin, B. (2018) ‘Do Tabloids Poison the Well of Social Media? Explaining Democratically Dysfunctional News Sharing' New Media & Society 20 (11), pp. 4255–4274. DOI: 10.1177/1461444818769689
— Article webpage.

Chadwick, A., McDowell-Naylor, D., Smith, A. P. and Watts, E. (2018) ‘Authority Signaling: How Relational Interactions between Journalists and Politicians Create Primary Definers in U.K. Broadcast News' Journalism. DOI: 10.1177/1464884918762848
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Anstead, N. and Chadwick, A. (2018) ‘A Primary Definer Online: The Construction and Propagation of a Think Tank’s Authority on Social Media' Media, Culture & Society 40 (2), pp. 246–266. DOI: 10.1177/0163443717707341
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Chadwick, A., O'Loughlin, B. and Vaccari, C. (2017) ‘Why People Dual Screen Political Debates and Why It Matters for Democratic Engagement' Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 61 (2). pp. 220–239. DOI: 10.1080/08838151.2017.1309415
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Chadwick, A. and Dennis, J. (2017) ‘Social Media, Professional Media, and Mobilization in Contemporary Britain: Explaining the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Citizens’ Movement 38 Degrees' Political Studies 65 (1), pp. 42–60. DOI: 10.1177/0032321716631350
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Chadwick, A. and Stromer-Galley, J. (2016) ‘Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Parties and Election Campaigns: Party Decline or Party Renewal?‘ International Journal of Press/Politics 21 (3), pp. 283–294. In: Chadwick, A. and Stromer-Galley, J. (eds) Special Issue of the International Journal of Press/Politics on ‘Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Parties and Election Campaigns.’ DOI: 10.1177/1940161216646731
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Vaccari, C., Chadwick, A. and O'Loughlin, B. (2015) ‘Dual Screening the Political: Media Events, Social Media, and Citizen Engagement’ Journal of Communication 65 (6), pp. 1041–1061. DOI: 10.1111/jcom.12187
— Winner, Walter Lippmann Award for the Best Article in the Field of Political Communication, 2016, American Political Science Association Political Communication Section.
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Chadwick, A. (2015) ‘The “Social Media” Maneuver’ Social Media and Society 1 (1), pp. 1-2.
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Chadwick, A. and Collister, S. (2014) ‘Boundary-Drawing Power and the Renewal of Professional News Organizations: The Case of the Guardian and the Edward Snowden NSA Leak’ International Journal of Communication 8, pp. 2420–2441.
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Chadwick, A. (2014) ‘From “Building the Actions” to “Being in the Moment”: Older and Newer Media Logics in Political Advocacy’ The Nonprofit Quarterly 21 (1), pp. 54-61.
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Chadwick, A. (2011) ‘The Political Information Cycle in a Hybrid News System: the British Prime Minister and the “Bullygate” Affair’ The International Journal of Press/Politics 16 (1), pp. 3-29.
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Chadwick, A. (2011) ‘Britain’s First Live Televised Party Leaders’ Debate: From the News Cycle to the Political Information Cycle’ Parliamentary Affairs 64 (1), pp. 24-44.
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Chadwick, A. (2011) ‘Explaining the Failure of an Online Citizen Engagement Initiative: The Role of Internal Institutional Variables’ Journal of Information Technology and Politics 8 (1), pp. 21-40.
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Chadwick, A. (2009) ‘Web 2.0: New Challenges for the Study of E-Democracy in an Era of Informational Exuberance’ I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society 5 (1), pp. 9-41.
— Download pdf.
— Reprinted in: Coleman, S. and Shane, P. M. (eds) (2012) Connecting Democracy: Online Consultation and the Flow of Political Communication (MIT Press), pp. 45–75.

Chadwick, A. (2009) ‘Guest Editor’s Introduction: The Internet and Politics in Flux’ Journal of Information Technology and Politics 6 (3-4), pp. 195-196.
— See website.

Anstead, N. and Chadwick, A. (2008) ‘The 2008 Digital Campaign in the United States: The Real Lesson for British Parties’ Renewal 16 (3), pp. 86-98.

Chadwick, A. (2007) ‘Digital Network Repertoires and Organizational Hybridity’ Political Communication 24 (3), pp. 283-301. 
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Chadwick, A. (2003) ‘Bringing E-Democracy Back In: Why It Matters For Future Research On E-Governance’ Social Science Computer Review 21 (4), pp. 443-455.
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Chadwick, A. and May, C. (2003) ‘Interaction Between States and Citizens in the Age of the Internet: “E-Government” in the United States, Britain and the European Union’ Governance 16 (2), pp. 271-300.
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Chadwick, A. (2001) ‘The Electronic Face of Government in the Internet Age: Borrowing from Murray Edelman’ Information, Communication, and Society 4 (3), pp. 435-457.
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Chadwick, A. (2000) ‘Studying Political Ideas: A Public Political Discourse Approach’ Political Studies 48 (2), pp. 283-301.
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Chadwick, A. (1996), ‘The Past in the Present? National Identity and the Language of Constitutional Reform in Britain’ Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Winter, pp. 3–9.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Watts, E. and Chadwick, A. (2019, forthcoming). ‘“With and Between You All”: Celebrity Status, User-Audience Networks, and Representative Claims in Emma Watson’s Feminist Politics’ in Lind, R. A. (ed) Produsing Theory in a Digital World 3.0: The Intersection of Audiences and Production in Contemporary Theory. New York: Peter Lang.

Chadwick, A. (2017) ‘Corbyn, Labour, Digital Media, and the 2017 UK Election’ in Thorsen, E., Jackson, D., and Lilleker, D. (eds) UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign: Early Reflections from Leading Academics (UK Political Studies Association), p. 89.
— Link to article.
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Chadwick, A., Dennis, J. and Smith, A. P. (2016) ‘Politics in the Age of Hybrid Media: Power, Systems, and Media Logics’ in Bruns, A., Enli, G., Skogerbø, E., Larsson, A. O. and Christensen, C. (eds) The Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics (Routledge), pp. 7–22.
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— Free full chapter preview at Routledge’s site.

Chadwick, A. and Vaccari, C. (2015) “Citizen Engagement in the Dual-Screened Election Campaign” in Thorsen, E. and Jackson, D. (eds) (2015) UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign: Early Reflections from Leading UK Academics (UK Political Studies Association), p. 69.

Ampofo, L., Collister, S., O’Loughlin, B., and Chadwick, A. (2015) ‘Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative, and Software Meets Humans’ in Halfpenny, P. and Procter, R. (eds) Innovations in Digital Research Methods(Sage), pp. 161–192.
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— Companion webpage at Sage.

Chadwick, A. (2012) ‘Recent Shifts in the Relationship Between the Internet and Democratic Engagement in Britain and the United States: Granularity, Informational Exuberance, and Political Learning’ in Anduiza, E., Jensen, M., and Jorba, L. (eds) Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study (Cambridge University Press), pp. 39–55.
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Chadwick, A. and Stanyer, J. (2011) ‘The Changing News Media Environment’ in Heffernan, R., Cowley, P. and Hay, C. (eds) Developments in British Politics 9 (Palgrave-Macmillan), pp. 215-237.
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— Download pdf.

Chadwick, A. (2006) ‘Citizen-centric government’, ‘Disintermediation’, ‘E-Democracy’, ‘E-Government’, ‘Internet governance’, and ‘Virtual agency’ in Bevir, M., Ansell, C., Choi, N. Hay, C., Smith, A. Wilkinson, R. and Zanetti, L. (eds) Sage Encyclopedia of Governance (Sage), pp. 79, 232-233, 256-257, 261-262, 484-485, 1011. The articles “E-Democracy,” “E-Government” and “Disintermediation” were later included in Encyclopedia Britannica

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— Download pdf.

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Chadwick, A. (1996) ‘The British Left and Constitutional Reform’ in C. Navari (ed), British Politics and the Spirit of the Age: Political Concepts in Action (Keele University Press), pp. 237–260.

Interviews and Profiles

(2017) “Interview with Andrew Chadwick: Digital media democracy expert on tension between control and engagement, and need for less interesting research in his field.” Profile in the Times Higher, September 7, 2017. 

(2014) “All Political Communication is Hybrid: A Conversation with Andrew Chadwick About his Latest Book The Hybrid Media System. Politics and Power.” Interviewed by Mediascapes Journal (Italy). March 2014.
— Link.

Working Papers, Op-Eds, Essays, and Other Publications

Chadwick, A. (2019) “The Online Harms White Paper: Tensions and Omissions.” Medium, April 9.
Available here.

Bruns, A., Bechmann, A., Burgess, J., Chadwick, A., Clark, L. S., Dutton, W. H., Ess, C. M., Gruzd, A., Halford, S., Hofmann, J., Howard, P. N., Jones, S., Katzenbach, C., Liang, H., Lewis, S. C., Peng, W., Puschmann, C., Qui, J., Quinn, K., Rogers, R., Rossi, L., Russell, A., Stromer-Galley, J., van Dijck, J., Weller, K., Westlund, O., Zhu, J. J. H., and Zimmer, M. (2018) “Facebook Shuts the Gate After the Horse has Bolted, and Hurts Real Research in the Process.” Internet Policy Review, April 2018.
Available here.

Chadwick, A. (2017) “Corbyn, Labour, Digital Media, and the 2017 UK Election.“ Medium. June 9.
— Available here.

Vaccari, C., Chadwick, A., and O’Loughlin, B. (2015) “These days we watch debates on two screens: TV and social media. And that’s good for democracy.” The Washington Post (Monkey Cage Section). December 15.
— Available here.

Chadwick, A. (2015) Article on media, political leadership and digital media during the UK 2015 General Election campaign, for Oxford University Press’ Blog. May 6.
— Available here.

Ampofo, L., Collister, S., O’Loughlin, B., and Chadwick, A. (2013) ‘Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative, and Software Meets Humans’ Royal Holloway New Political Communication Unit Working Paper, October 2013. 66pp.
— Download pdf

Chadwick, A. (2013) ‘Politics and Communications in the Hybrid Media System’ Hanover Communications Blog, October 7, 2013.
— Available here.

Chadwick, A. (2012) “How Digital Petitions are Replacing Traditional Parties as the Engine of Modern, Popular Democracy” The Independent, November 19, 2012. 
— Available here.

Chadwick, A. (2009) “Back to the Future: Organizational Values and Online Campaigning.” Written version of my speech to the Progress/Blue State Digital conference “Labour 2.0: Campaigning for the Net Generation,” Canary Wharf, London, February 28. 

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Chadwick, A. (2006) “Author Response to Vivian Serfaty’s review of my book, Internet Politics” Resource Center for Cybercultural Studies December.
— See website.

Chadwick, A. (2003), “The Ugly Duckling: Is E-Democracy Being Disregarded by Government?,” VoxPolitics Bulletin Issue 20, November.

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Review Articles and Book Reviews

Chadwick, A. (2018) Review of Southwell, Brian G., Thorson, Emily A., and Sheble, L. (Eds.) Misinformation and Mass Audiences (University of Texas Press) in International Journal of Press/Politics.
Download PDF.

Chadwick, A. (2008) Review of Prior, M. (2007) Post-Broadcast Democracy: How Media Choice Increases Inequality in Political Involvement and Polarizes Elections (Cambridge University Press) in Journal of Information Technology and Politics 5 (2), pp. 255-257.

Chadwick, A. (2007) Review of Garson, D. G. (2006) Public Information Technology and E-Governance: Governing the Virtual State (Jones and Bartlett) and Heeks, R. (2006) Implementing and Managing E-Government: An International Text (Sage) in Public Administration 85 (3), pp. 857–860.

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