• In 2017 I left Royal Holloway. I am now Professor of Political Communication in the School of Social Sciences at Loughborough University, where I am also founding director of the new Online Civic Culture Centre (O3C) and the University’s Research Beacon leader for Political Communication

  • At Loughborough I've recently developed a new Master’s degree, the MA Social Media and Political Communication. It’s open for applications now. Teaching starts September 2019. More details here.

  • I have a new article out in New Media & Society, co-authored with Cristian Vaccari and Ben O'Loughlin: Do Tabloids Poison the Well of Social Media?  Explaining Democratically Dysfunctional News Sharing New Media & Society, 2018. DOI: 10.1177/1461444818769689.

  • At the ICA 2018 Conference in Prague I spoke on a panel on Big Questions in Political Communication Research. My talk was entitled Thinking About the Role of Social Media in the Formation of Public Opinion and features in a video of the event. At the ICA I also convened a panel on Social Media Platforms: A Crisis of Democracy, featuring papers by Nick Couldry (LSE), Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Oxford), Samantha Bradshaw and Phil Howard (Oxford), Shannon Macregor and Daniel Kreiss (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), and Dave Karpf (George Washington University).

  • The Second Edition of my book The Hybrid Media System published in August 2017. It features an extensive new chapter applying the conceptual framework to the extraordinary 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and the rise of Donald Trump. The book was awarded the International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award, 2016. This is awarded to an outstanding book on media and politics published in the previous ten years. The book was also awarded the American Political Science Association Information Technology and Politics Section Best Book Award, 2014. For reviews of The Hybrid Media System see here.

  • In February 2018 I was awarded £300,000 from Loughborough University's Adventure Research Programme to establish a new Centre for Doctoral Training on Improving the Health of Our Online Civic Culture, the Online Civic Culture Centre. It features a team of ten academic supervisors drawn from the disciplines of communication, information science, social psychology, and sociology at Loughborough. The international advisory board and the first wave of three students has now been recruited. A further two students will begin their projects in October 2019. More detail here.

  • I have a new piece out now in Journalism, part of my British Academy/Leverhulme Trust project on thinks tanks and media. It is co-authored with Declan McDowell-Naylor, Amy P. Smith, and Ellen Watts, and shifts the focus to broadcast media, further developing the concept of authority signalling introduced in the first paper. It will be out in Journalism in the spring. You can download a PDF here.

  • The latest three titles in my book series Oxford Studies in Digital Politics are Florian Schneider’s China’s Digital Nationalism, Samuel C. Woolley and Philip N. Howard’s Computational Propaganda, and Kaitlynn Mendes, Jessica Ringrose, and Jessalynn Keller’s Digital Feminist Activism. More details here.

  • I've joined the editorial board of New Media & Society and the executive committee of the American Political Science Association Information Technology and Politics Section.

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