My new book The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power—now available

My new book The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power is now available.

Links: Amazon (US)Amazon UK.

There is also a Kindle version, with real page numbers! Here is the US Kindle version. And here is the UK Kindle version.

This is the culmination of a research project stretching back more than four years, though my thinking on hybridity in organisations goes back further—to early 2005. With this new book, however, I have tried to use hybridity as a bigger concept for explaining how the systemic interdependence among older and newer media logics now shapes many different aspects of political life. This has involved a move away from focusing solely on online politics and toward an attempt to integrate the study of all relevant media, newer and older. From a personal perspective, this has taken my own research in some new and intriguing (to me at least!) directions. I hope you find the book as interesting to read as I found it to write.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the new blog I’ve established to accompany the book, where you can also read more about the book itself. I’ll regularly add material that is relevant the book’s arguments over the coming months.

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