Speaking in Porto on Friday June 12

Update, June 23: English language videos of the talks at this excellent event, which had an audience of more than 1,000 people, are now online here. My talk was in the session, República Digital. The video doesn’t show some of my slides, so here is the slide deck in full.

Portugese versions can be found on the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos website here.

* * *

A quick note to say that I am participating in a day-long debate on June 12 in Porto, on the theme Brave New World.

Organised by the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos the debate will take place at Porto’s famous Casa da Música and features features speakers Evgeny Morozov, Francesca Bria, Mário Campolargo, Tyler Cowen, Ellen Jorgensen, Ana Paiva, David Brin, and Bruce Sterling.

My talk is titled “The Digital Republic Didn’t Happen, But the News Isn’t All Bad: New Communicative Resources for Citizen Engagement.”

I’ll be bringing together some themes from my work on the limitations of classical online democracy arguments and my work on the hybrid media system.

More details on the event here.

Many thanks to Pedro Magalhães for inviting me along to this exciting event!