Guardian 1000 Songs Everyone Should Hear - Spotify Playlist

Update: January 7, 2016!

To my surprise (I very rarely use Spotify) these playlists have attracted quite a following, with between 600 and 700 subscribers each. Happy listening.

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Original post: March 17, 2009

The Guardian has a new series: 1000 Songs Everyone Should Hear. It starts today with Part One: “Love.” (Note: The URL proudly emblazoned on today’s dead-tree Saturday supplement is incorrect; the page is here).

They’ve generously provided links to individual tracks on Spotify. There’s no shared playlist, but I easily created this (in Safari on the Mac at any rate) by selecting the entire table, and dragging and dropping the text onto a new playlist in Spotify. It automagically recognises the links.

The result is this:

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 01 - Love

It looks like around 80% of the listed tracks are available. There are some important tracks that aren’t - all of The Beatles ones, for instance, reflecting their copyright owners’ idiotic approach to digital.



Here’s Part Two: I’ll add them here as they’re published:

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 02 - Heartbreak

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 03 - People & Places

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 04 - Sex

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 05 - Politics & Protest

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 06 - Life & Death

Guardian 1000 Songs - Part 07 - Party