New Article in the New Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics

A new article I co-authored with newpolcom researchers James Dennis and Amy P. Smith has just published.

Our chapter, ‘Politics in the Age of Hybrid Media: Power, Systems, and Media Logics,’ features alongside a rich and diverse range of chapters in the excellent new Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics, edited by Axel Bruns, Gunn Enli, Eli Skogerbo, Anders Olof Larsson, and Christian Christensen.


With this piece we wanted to write an accessible overview of the hybrid media system approach and introduce readers to some of the recent research in this area. So if you’re looking for a chapter-length piece for use in your teaching, this might fit the bill. 

In our chapter we discuss how the hybrid media system approach sheds light on recent developments in three centrally important fields of political communication: news and journalism, election campaigning, and engagement and mobilisation. We briefly set out some key themes and empirical developments in these three areas. We then review a range of examples from the emerging body of research that draws upon the hybrid media system approach to make sense of today’s increasingly dynamic and volatile political communication environment.

We open our piece with Jürgen Habermas quoting C. Wright Mills…

Routledge have kindly featured our chapter in their website’s “look inside the book online preview. 

Alternatively, you can download our final, pre-typeset draft here.

Enjoy :-)